SMS Marketing


Are you looking for SMS marketing services?

Unite Digital Media provides best services to its clients. In terms of cost SMS marketing is a cheapest way available to reach large number of people at the same time. Also SMS is the easiest way to communicate with your customers.SMS Marketing - Unite Digital Media

We at Unite Digital Media (UDM) have successfully designed and delivered many campaigns for our clients. We are extremely eager to share to those who are looking for a productive means to reach out to clients within a second at cost that meet your budget.



Promotional SMS:

Sending large number of SMS at a time. Bulk SMS is a gateway to promote your company, launch of new products, or to make nation-wide announcement.  With our bulk SMS service we meet all the requirements of our clients from start to end. Our bulk SMS service allows you to send 160 characters as continue single message.



Transactional SMS:

Transactional SMS provides alerts, notifications and information to your customers. It gives minute to minute information about your services to your customers. By doing this customers can track the details of their transaction effectively.


Short Code:

Short code service is effective for getting reviews from your services. It is 5 or 6 digit number (57676) which is followed by a keyword in the message. You have to buy a keyword for your services that will be unique for your business.


Long Code:

In Long code SMS service is we will provide you a 10 digit virtual phone number, by which you can run a SMS marketing campaign. Through this one can run a promotional marketing campaign, lead generation or getting a review from large number of people.


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